The First Intelligent Supplement Time Released Over 8 Hours

Multivitamin for Him 50+

A scientifically-developed multivitamin for men over 50 to help fill nutrient gaps in your diet. These capsules combine the most powerful nutriscience with fast absorbing Safflower Oil & slow release multivitamin beadlets with ginkgo biloba & lutein.
Bones & Joint Flexibility Bones & Joint Flexibility
Supports<br>Vision Supports
Enhances Focus & Cognition Enhances Focus & Cognition
Boosts<br>Immunity Boosts
Heart<br>Health Heart
Boosts<br>Metabolism Boosts
60 capsules per pack
Enhanced with Mint Enhanced with Mint
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  • When to consume?
    All of our products are created with optimal absorption in mind. We generally recommend that you take our supplements together with your meal such as breakfast or lunch.
    Serving size : 2 capsules (after breakfast or lunch)
    Total Servings : 30

To gently recharge and restore

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is SLOW Multi for him 50+ different from other vitamins ?
    The first multivitamin with Vegan Omega uniquely designed for Senior Adults, Slow Multi for Him 50+ is the best multivitamin for men over 50. Our delayed release nanotechnology is designed to dissolve slowly over 8 hours, in the absorptive, less sensitive areas of your gut to ensure maximum bioavailability of the Vitamins and Minerals. 95% more bioavailable than traditional tablets/capsules/sugar filled gummies.
  • Should a 50-year-old man take vitamins ?
    Yes, it is crucial for men 50+ to take vitamins due to decreased nutrient absorption and slow metabolism. However, to meet the increasing nutrient needs, additional nutrient supplementation is advised to plug in the gaps. SLOW is the best men's 50 plus multivitamin with 100% plant-based, bioavailable nutrients for higher absorption.
  • How much zinc should a man over 50 take daily ?
    The recommended daily allowance for Zinc for adults is 17mg/d as per ICMR guidelines.
  • How long will it take to start seeing results ?
    Supporting your heart, brain, normal muscle and immune function are important for the long term. While many people feel a difference, some don’t—and that’s okay. It’s what’s happening inside that counts. These multivitamins for men 50+ supplements will show results when taken consistently over a long period of time. The water-soluble nutrients (like Magnesium, Zinc, Folate, B12) get to work to help support your cells, blood, and more, while fat-soluble nutrients (like Omega-3 DHA, Vitamins A, D3, K2, and E) may take longer. All in all, it can take 6-12weeks for your body to reach a new equilibrium.
  • How many capsules are there in one bottle?How long will one bottle last ?
    Each box contains 60 capsules. Consume 2 capsules a day, post your breakfast or lunch and it will last you 30 days. A whole month’s supply!
  • Can prolonged consumption cause any side effects ?
    Absolutely not. All our products are US FDA approved and 100% Plant-Based, making its totally safe to consume for as long as you like.
  • Do I need a prescription to consume these vitamins ?
    No, you do not need any prescription to consume the vitamins.
  • Is it safe for vegetarians to consume ?
    Yes it is vegetarian, vegan-friendly, gluten free and free from allergens
  • Can I take it if I have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or another medical condition ?
    Yes, you can safely take these multivitamin capsules for men. However, we recommend consulting a physician before using this product in case of any health concerns.
  • Are there any fillers ?
    Slow Multi for men, unlike traditional capsules, is free from extras like colorants, mystery fillers, sugar, and major allergens like gluten.