Japanese Ceremonial Grade Tea

Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

10x more powerful Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green tea with 137x more antioxidants and 3x more EGCG polyphenols.

Increase Metabolism Increase Metabolism
Detox Detox
Improve Heart Health Improve Heart Health
Support Cognitive Health Support Cognitive Health
Boost Energy Boost Energy
Digestion Digestion
20 tabs per tube
Rich Umami and Mint flavour Rich Umami and Mint flavour
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  • How to consume?
    - Drop one tab in 250 ml of water
    - Wait for it to dissolve.
  • When to consume?
    You can take the Matcha Green Tea anytime during the day.

So Matcha Better Than
Regular Green Tea!

  • 137x More Antioxidants

  • 10x More Powerful

  • 3x More EGCG Polyphenols

One Tab. Infinite Benefits.

Have questions?
We’ve got the answers!

  • What is Wellbeing Nutrition's Matcha Green Tea made from?
    Our Matcha Green Tea is made from organically grown, stone ground Japanese Tencha leaves.
  • How to make your Matcha Green Tea?
    Drop 1 tab in a glass of cold water, wait for it to dissolve and your delicious and nutritious Organic Matcha Green Tea is ready.
  • Does Matcha Green Tea help lose weight?
    Yes, absolutely. Matcha Green Tea contains significantly higher levels of EGCG polyphenols than regular green tea, increasing its metabolism boosting and thermogenic effects in the body. Drinking our Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea everyday helps reduce fat storage and ensure healthy weight loss.
  • What is the recommended dosage per day?
    Adults: 18+ years (Max 2 tabs a day).
  • What are some other benefits of drinking Matcha Green Tea?
    The benefits of Japanese Matcha Green Tea are plenty! Drink our Organic Matcha Green Tea for weight loss, boosted energy, healthy digestion, increased metabolism, great dental health, improved heart health, cognitive health support, reduced inflammation, skin radiance, stress relief and stronger Immunity!
  • How is Matcha Green Tea better than regular green tea?
    Our Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea is better than regular green tea in more ways than one. Each tab delivers 137x more antioxidants, has 3x More EGCG Polyphenols and is 10x more powerful than the average green tea. It’s time to make the switch.
  • Does Matcha Green Tea contain caffeine?
    Yes, Matcha Green Tea does contain caffeine, but it also has L-Theanine that provides a stable and extended boost of energy without any anxious jitters or side effects.
  • Who should have this Matcha Green Tea?
    Anyone who wants to feel more energetic and reap all the benefits of Matcha Green Tea should consume this drink.
  • Are there any side effects to Matcha Green Tea?
    Our Organic Matcha Green Tea is made from natural Japanese Tencha leaves and has no side effects whatsoever.

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