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Virgin Omega 3

A scientifically-developed supplement with Triple Strength Fish Oil to support Brain and Heart Health. These Virgin Omega-3 capsules combine the most powerful nutriscience with fast absorbing fish oil & slow release plant based curcumin beadlets

Supports Brain & Heart Health Supports Brain & Heart Health
Improves Vision Improves Vision
Enhances Immunity Enhances Immunity
Strengthens Bones & Joints Strengthens Bones & Joints
Improves Skin Health Improves Skin Health
Post-workout Recovery Post-workout Recovery
60 capsules per pack
Enhanced with Mint Enhanced with Mint
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  • When to consume?
    All of our products are created with optimal absorption in mind. We generally recommend that you take our supplements together with your meal such as breakfast or lunch.
    Serving size : 2 capsules (after breakfast or lunch)
    Total Servings : 30

To support brain and heart health

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Wellbeing Nutrition Triple Omega-3 fish oil the best omega-3 supplement?
    Wellbeing nutrition Extra Virgin Triple Omega-3 uses an exceptionally pure grade of fish oil, with 84% omega-3 content. Standard fish oil products contain from 30% to 60% omega-3. Extra Virgin means we can deliver more omega-3 in a much smaller capsule.
  • What technique is used to purify the fish oil and to increase absorption ?
    - Wellbeing Nutrition Triple Omega-3 fish oil is processed via molecular distillation technique that removes heavy metals. It is also cholesterol-free. - Delayed release nanotechnology is designed to release slowly over 8 hours, in the absorptive, less sensitive areas of your gut to ensure maximum bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals. - Each capsule is masked with mint flavor to prevent fishy burps and aftertaste.
  • Is your fish oil tested for heavy metals ?
    Yes. The product is tested for heavy metal levels at the raw material stage, after production, and by an independent, certified third-party lab prior to reaching the market. Every batch of fish oil we produce is tracked and tested from sea to supplement.Our testing protocols include compositional testing, microbiology and heavy metal testing.
  • What are the and how much of each (mg’s) of the “other Omega fatty acids ?
    Each serving provides 1240mg triple strength, molecularly distilled premium Omega-3 fatty acid, comprising of 868mg ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS like Eicosapentaenoic acid: EPA- 496mg and Docosahexaenoic acid :DHA-372mg.
  • Does it contain Gelatin ?
    No, it does not contain gelatin or any other animal contents except fish oil.
  • Is it Cholesterol free ?
    Yes, the extra virgin triple omega -3 is cholesterol free.
  • What is the source of Omega-3 in VIRGIN Triple Omega-3 Fish Oil ?
    Omega 3 in VIRGIN Triple Omega-3 Fish Oil is sourced from deep sea salmon fish, which provides high quality fish oil.
  • How and when should I take Omega-3 Fish Oil ?
    1 capsule provides twice the minimum amount of omega-3 fats we need .To enhance recovery after intense exercise, or to improve fish oil’s effects on certain health aspects like our sleep quality and heart health, we recommend consuming 2 capsules daily.
  • Does it have a fishy aftertaste ?
    No, it does not. Each capsule is enteric coated and essenced with mint coating that eliminates the fishy aftertaste and burps.
  • Is it GMO Free ?
    Yes it is Non-GMO, and also Gluten, Soy & major allergy free.
  • Is it FSSAI & FDA certified
    Yes it is the purest grade of omega -3 fish oil approved by both FSSAI & FDA.
  • Is it advisable to consume during Keto/Paleo Diet
    Yes, the purest grade of omega -3 fish oil is Keto & Paleo Certified.
  • Can anyone consume Triple Omega-3 fish oil ?
    Yes, fish oil is globally recognised as safe and without any side effects. However, pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions or people on chronic medication should first consult their doctors. People with fish allergies should avoid this product.
  • What does ‘enteric coated’ mean ?
    The capsules are enteric coated, meaning that they have a coating that protects them from stomach acid, allowing them to release the omega-3 rich fish oil in the small intestine, where it will be absorbed. This not only improves absorption of omega-3 but also prevents fishy burps.